How does wind turn into energy?

Wind turbines start generating electricity in a light breeze – a little over 14 KM per hour – and reach full production in strong winds of around 57 KM per hour. At full production, today’s wind turbines are designed to produce thousands of megawatt hours of electricity.

Meridian wind farms in Australia

Meridian Energy Australia owns and operates the Mt Millar wind farm in South Australia.  Meridian Energy Australia purchased Mt Millar in April 2010. The wind farm has a capacity 70 MW.

Meridian is building the 131MW Mt Mercer wind farm, 30km south of Ballarat in Victoria.

Other Meridian wind farms

Meridian also has wind farms in New Zealand and Antarctica.

In New Zealand, Meridian has several wind farms including Te Apiti, White Hill and West Wind. West Wind powers the equivalent of 70,000 average homes.. Read more on Meridian’s wind farms in New Zealand.

Meridian has also built the world’s southern most wind farm on Ross Island, Antarctica. The energy generated now supplies New Zealand’s Scott Base and the United States McMurdo Station, and is expected to cut diesel consumption by nearly half a million litres (reduction of greenhouse gas production from both bases of 1,242 tonnes of CO2 annually).