How and Why we Collect your Personal Information

This statement applies to all individuals providing personal information (for example, name, address or email address) to Meridian Energy Australia Pty Ltd (Meridian) or a related Meridian company*. If you do not provide this information we may not be able to offer or continue to provide you a service or engage in business dealings with you.

MEA will only collect and use personal information in connection with the operation of our business or the provision of services to you, or by you, including in relation to the provision of trading energy, retailing energy, generating energy and developing energy related projects. All personal information remains with MEA and will not be sold, traded or shared with anyone other than our related companies (some of which are located in New Zealand), agents, contractors, partners and potential partners, purchasers and potential purchasers and where required to other third parties involved in our businesses and for any other purpose you have consented to or as required or authorised by law. Your personal information may be recorded and stored in our systems or other systems we use (for example, customer information systems) some of which may be located in overseas jurisdictions. In certain circumstances we may also disclose your personal information to a credit reporting agency. In circumstances where we require to use your personal information for purposes not previously disclosed we will inform you as soon as reasonably practicable.

If you would like to review or amend the personal information MEA holds about you, please contact us at For more information on how we may collect and use your information please refer to our Privacy Policy at


*Meridian’s related companies include Meridian Energy Markets Pty Ltd, Meridian Finco Pty Ltd, Meridian Wind Monaro Range Holdings Pty Ltd, Meridian Wind Monaro Range Pty Ltd, Mt Millar Wind Farm Pty Ltd, Meridian Australia Holdings Pty Ltd, Meridian Wind Australia Holdings Pty Ltd, Mt Mercer Windfarm Pty Ltd, Meridian Wind Macarthur Holdings Pty Ltd and Meridian Wind Macarthur Pty Ltd. References to MEA in this policy are references to all of these companies. Powershop Australia Pty Limited is also a related company of Meridian but it has its own privacy policies available at .