About the project

The Rangoon Wind Farm, located in the Glen Innes region of NSW, is a proposed ~130MW wind and battery energy storage system being developed by Meridian Energy Australia (MEA). The proposal is under design to determine the number, size and location of wind turbines to be located across the Rangoon Wind Farm ‘North’ and Rangoon Wind Farm ‘South’ sites.

This proposal will be an exciting addition to the renewable energy portfolio of MEA and will contribute to the vibrant renewable energy capacity within the Glen Innes / Guyra (Armidale) region.

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Project Description

The Rangoon Wind Farm (RWF) project is divided into two locations being RWF North and RWF South. Combined, the project includes the following key components:

  • Wind turbines, each with three blades mounted on a tubular steel tower are proposed for the project. Design works are underway to determine the number, size and location of wind turbines;
  • Two substations and transmission connections – linking the project to the existing TransGrid 132kV Armidale to Glen Innes transmission line and Essential Energy 66kV Glen Innes to Guyra transmission line;
  • Battery Energy Storage System – to be located at one or both of the two project substations; and
  • Associated infrastructure including equipment storage facilities, access tracks, permanent monitoring masts, laydown areas and construction compounds.

The total 130MW wind plus battery storage project will feed into the National Electricity Market (NEM), equalling enough renewable energy to power ~58,000 residential homes per year.

Community Consultation

The engagement process has been modified to reflect the COVID-19 epidemic currently influencing the world and to comply with the New South Wales Government Department of Health’s Order issued under the Public Health Act 2010 which limits gatherings and social contact. Accordingly, non-direct contact is proposed in this early phase of engagement and we encourage you to please register your interest using one of the contact options on the website below, and one of our friendly team members will be in touch.

Community Consultative Committee

The CCC Chairperson can be contacted via the following email address: rangoonwfccc@mail.com

Community Drop-In Session Invitation

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Environmental Assessment

The project meets the criteria as State Significant Development (SSD) and will follow the SSD planning pathway.

The project recently completed the initial assessment stage as specialists prepared and submitted the Scoping Report and Development Application for submission to the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (NSW DPI&E) in late June 2020. The NSW DPI&E released the Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs) in late August 2020, which
outline the matters to be assessed in the project Environmental Assessment report.

The project is currently completing the detailed assessment stage in accordance with the SEARs and preparing the Environmental Assessment report. The Environmental Assessment is anticipated to be lodged with the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment in November 2021.

The community will have the opportunity to review the assessment documentation and provide their views on the project during the public exhibition period for the proposal. Further information about this process and timing will be updated once confirmed.

Project Documentation
Project documentation will be updated as the project progresses.

Scoping Report

Rangoon Wind Farm - Scoping Report (8.4 MB) Appendix 1a - Preliminary Visual Assessment (5.1 MB) Appendix 1b - Preliminary Landscape Visual Assessment (9 MB) Appendix 2 - Preliminary Noise Impact Assessment (2.9 MB) Draft Layout Plans for Public Release (1.4 MB) Issued SEARs (108 KB)

Project approval

Contact information

Please sign up for Project updates or further information as the project progresses through the assessment and development stages:

Phone: 0483 193 310
Email: rangoonenquiries@meridianenergy.com.au
Post: PO Box 1639, Melbourne VIC 3001

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